Welcome to Backpacker’s guest house “TAMAGO”

This is the guest house which expresses “Tokyo Culture”.  

“Guest house TAMAGO” is the place for people who seek for comfortable, reasonable and enjoyable hostel.

“Guest house TAMAGO” is the small hostel where welcomes various guests from all over the world. We hope TAMAGO would be a part of your memory in Japan.

Guest house TAMAGO has convenient location, 15 minutes walk from Kouenji-Station and Nogata-Station. On the 1st floor of the guest house, there is a bar-lounge and relaxing space “TAMAGO BAR” where is the communication space among guests through various alcohol, foods and films. 

Please pop into “guest house Ringo” which is available to guests from all over the world, whether the guest is first-time visitors or not.

Our cheerful staff will always welcome you. We’re looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo.












Novelty ‘’Original metal-badge’’  is available for guests 

in memory of the trip !!!!!!