About guest house RINGO


Guest house RINGO is located on the center of Tokyo (3minutes walk form Umegaoka - Station and Gotokuji - Station). The small guest house was set up in April 2013 by the managers who love travelling the world through renovating a solitary house.

Through our experience in travelling around the world, Tokyo has got its original culture (“Tokyo culture”) which we cannot find any other cities on the planet.

We’re planning to offer the original guest house with essence of Tokyo culture that has been created through mixing up original Japanese culture, western culture and so forth.

Since we opened the guest house, various visitors like backpackers, event organizers and job hunters have stayed in RINGO, whatever their nationalities are.

On the 1st floor of the guest house, there is a relaxing space and bar lounge “RINGO BAR”(19:0023:00) where our guests can enjoy alcohol (all 300yen) and snack at relatively low price.

In addition, we offer the set of breakfast and night snacks at the price of 500 yen through reservation.

In the relaxing space which is just next to the bar, our guests communicate each other through watching films, playing simple games, chilling out and so on.


Moreover, Umegaoka and Gotokuji are quite secure and comfortable area with a lot of warm residents. 

Please feel free to drop into the guest house as we provide our guests with good sanitary condition and comfort level at reasonable price.  

The lowest price: 2500 yen per night (shared room) ~ 

Shower & Toiletshared (There’s also public spa and coin laundry nearby the guest house)

The fee for futon sheets and pillow sheets are included in the accommodation fee.

No amenity goods and pajamas are provided. 

At the end of every month, RINGO donates 100-yen/guests from its sales to children who suffer from hunger in the world.